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La signification des masques : Les fonctions des masques sont multiples même s’ils servent, principalement, aux cérémonies ; je compare souvent l’utilisation du masque à celle que l’on fait chez nous de la robe de mariée...

Art nègre et cubisme : Dans la tradition ouverte depuis la mise en oeuvre de la perspective à la Renaissance, le peintre donnait du sens à des images ressemblantes. Et voilà que des formes exprimant la structure abstraite..



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African Art, Tribal art : Antiques & Crafts

African masks, fetishes, statuettes, African decor...

 NEW : Custom-made bases

Team of Mask African art has the pleasure to announce you that bases to measure are proposed to you for your very beautiful masks or statuettes, price going from 80 euros to 160 euros, an estimate is proposed to you and the lead time is of 3 weeks. 



This week, we invite to plunge you into the culture of the ethnic group Fang.


This ethnic group is located(localized) in the South of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. When the ethnologists speak Fang, the company(society) often evoked Ngil and So sint. They pay a big attention on their ancestor where from the realization of reliquaries. One of the most known masks Fang is the mask Ngil which presents lengthened(stretched out) lines(features) and face in the shape of heart. 

Statues often represent seated men(people), a picket(bed) assures(insures) their preservation. To know more about it, look at the work of Perrois L., Delage L., at the art Fang, Equatorial Guinea, Barcelona, Paris, on 1991.



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